Milpa Food Trucks Hits Denton Streets

Milpa is going through renovations, a menu revamp, and are in the throes of a rebrand. Needless to say, they are killin’ it. The restaurant features authentic Mexican dishes, new vegan options on the menu, and a 100+ margarita menu with house made ingredients. In addition to all of the aforementioned, Milpa has a food truck hitting the streets of Denton this weekend.

You can expect to see the blue Milpa truck outside Oak Street Draft House at 6pm on Saturday Evening and parked at Austin Street for the Super Bowl Party at East Side from 12-8pm. The menu offerings take a nod from the full restaurant menu offerings, with tacos, tortas, quesadillas, plus street nachos, street burritos, with an option for proteins that include Asada, Brisket, Al Pastor, Pulled Pork, Fajita Chicken or Beef, and a Vegano Mexicano for those on a Vegetarian or Vegan Diet. Rounding out the menu is  Quatro Dip that comes with Beans, Queso, Queso Blanco, Guacamole, with jalapenos and a box of chips.

Prices are fair, and you know the food is going to be on point, with the same care and precision that comes from the restaurant also shining through the food truck offerings. They will also have Agua Fresca in Horchata and Jamaican inspired flavors to help quench your thirst, and serve as a compliment to any option on the menu.

Milpa is a long standing Denton business offering a consistent menu of fresh ingredients and authentic recipes. As some business come and go, we are excited to see a local small business thrive and continue to grow as our city does.

Photos courtesy of Milpa
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