Lodel Steps Up Denton Food Delivery Game

Food Delivery service in the Denton market is getting competitive with Menu Runners, Uber Eats, Greedi’s, and now Lodel Food Delivery is on the scene bringing your favorite local eats to your doorstep.

It all began in a college door room at Indiana University, a hungry Mike Rolland scoured the internet for a place to deliver during Spring Break, and contacted a Chinese Restaurant, placed his order, and then never had the food arrive. A hungry college student with no dining options since the campus was closed, decided to make the best of the situation and begin compiling a list of menus from around town and put them on a website. The site began to increase in traffic and he realized an opportunity was presenting itself. First using a third party company to organize a delivery service, and then bringing the ball into his own court, by hiring his own team of drivers to deliver food from partner restaurants. That’s how it all began, y'all.

Dan went to CU Boulder, and with the help of his brother Mike, started Hungry Buffs, a play on the CUB mascot the Buffalo, in 2007 and moved on to the larger city of Denver in 2011, dominating the market and being the go to for delivery in the large city.

Mike and Dan connected with the owner of Fat Shack through their delivery service in Denver and were directed to Denton. They eventually sold off the Denver part of the business and returned to small town roots. “We decided to stick what we knew best and focus on the smaller niche markets,” says Mike, “It’s important to us to take the time to follow-up,” and the value they put into the relationships created with the businesses they do delivery for is also apparent in the value they put into their employees and maintaining a high level of quality customer service.

Their flagship location opened in Flagstaff in June of 2016 where their youngest brother is attending college. Once the foundation was built up, and the first execution of the Lodel brand underway and thriving, they made the move to Denton and have seen success just in the first two weeks of delivering, tripling their launch goal in just the first few days. You can count on Lodel for authentic partnerships, to do what they can to connect with and support the local community, and maintain the relationship after the paperwork is signed. With delivery times under 45 minutes and a focus on local small business, Lodel has come in and embraced the hungry and dedicated Denton culture.

Too lazy to leave the house and pick something up? It’s okay, us too. Check out Lodel Food Delivery, and have the delicious food of Denton brought to you!