Komodo Loco Opens in Flatlanders Previous Spot

It was a sad day for local taco lovers when on Cinco De Mayo the doors never opened at Flatlanders Taco Company. Luckily, three Dentonites jumped at the opportunity to fulfill their own dreams of opening a restaurant when they heard about the new vacancy. Like the community itself, Cory Bobbitt, Kyle Kreuger, and Micah Fleck didn’t want to be locked down to a single idea by committing to a specific kind of cuisine and are excited to offer a menu that allows for creativity in the kitchen. “We wanted to provide a restaurant experience that fits with the unique vibe of Denton with a menu that brings a twist,” Micah explains.

Komodo Loco will offer a wide range of Asian cuisine, offering a spin on the traditional, and their own creative creations. Komodo offerings include Bao buns with protein options, Ramen bowls, Rice bowls, Sushi, and a personal indulgence of my own - Sake. “The menu will consist of Asian dishes with a twist. We will be incorporating some Latin flavors and dishes into the menu as the two cuisines have some crossover in flavor profile”, elaborates Fleck.

The large mural of the Komodo Dragon that provides as a focal piece in the dining area and as signage in the window, was commissioned to local creative Katie Montgomery. They gave Katie the freedom to explore her own creative interpretation of the theme and mood the trio wanted to cultivate in the dining area, and her work resonates with the feel of the space and its offerings.  

Making their way into the home stretch of opening a business, Komodo Loco recently finalized their logo, which is now proudly displayed on their Facebook. Chairs and tables, kitchen equipment, and ingredients are being delivered on a daily basis, making their anticipated opening for the beginning of October feel that more attainable. The culinary creativity, the time and energy put into the dining concept and successful execution will surely make Komodo Loco a destination food stop, winning over the curiosity of even those outside the greater Denton area. Beginning with dinner hours, so they can acclimate to the level of foot traffic taking place on the always risky Oakland St, and adjusting their schedule as demand sees fit. Komodo Loco is setting itself up to be the next local favorite, Dentons go to for those seeking a unique dining experience.

Header image design by Shaina Sheaff