GreenHouse - Food, Drinks, Jokes

GreenHouse has been turning out a monthly specials menu for a minute now, and this month they added a generous helping of Denton humor when naming the different options. Bar Manager, Brandt Richey, took the ideas of the owner and brought them to a new level when pairing cocktails to cheeky titles. Jokes aside, Richey isn’t fooling around behind the bar, each drink is thoughtfully crafted and absolutely delicious.

I Survived Univeristy Dr is a take on a smash, using Red River Rye Whiskey with fresh lemon and mint. This drink is light and refreshing, and this super simple recipe takes 3 powerful flavors that sing off of each other creating a fantastic cocktail. It's sure to help melt away the stress of sitting in parking lot traffic as you try to run errands down the street that feels like it will never be completed. 


Frack This! Is a spin on the Holloworth, a tequila based mule, and combines Local 512 Tequila with house infused Dripping Spring ginger vodka, cassis a blackcurrant liqueur, and fresh lime. The heat of the tequila is cooled by the black currant liqueur and the sweetness is cut through with the citrus bite of the lime. The boldness of the Local 512 is kept mild by the sweeter profile of the cocktail.


Arts & Jazz Mudslide combines Baileys caramel, Kahula, and mint mudslide, cream with Tito’s vodka. This isn’t your typical mudslide, the shaved ice keeps the drink lite and the caramel adds a decadent layer of flavor that is brightened by the mint. A boozy rich drink that is a dessert in itself, and a great way to cool off after a day of Jazz Festing.


Kroger Parking Lot Death Match is just as an intense as a grocery run to Murder Kroger, made with Ballast Point Three Sheets rum, Chambord, orange, and lime. This modified version of a drink called the knickerbocker is a complete harmony between all the flavors. The sweetness of raspberry, boldness of the rum, citrus bite of orange and lime, create a pretty unexpected combination of flavors on the palate… just like the unexpected fender bender you got into while grabbing that 6-pack of beer and more paper towels.


In addition to these fantastic cocktails, GreenHouse also has two food specials to check out:

Downtown Strip Steak - Grilled NY strip steak, heirloom-herb potatoes & carrots, topped with a pomegranate reduction

Flat Earth Avocado - Panko-crusted avocado stuffed with black beans, corn, zucchini, quinoa, and jack cheese served black beans and chipotle cream sauce

We're not done yet, GreenHouse brunch menu got a few new items as well! You can enjoy their brunch every Saturday and Sunday from 11-2pm and treat yourself to a $3 build your own mimosa with plenty of fresh juice options or a bloody mary that comes with infused vodka and a whole spread to customize your own!

New brunch items include:

Strawberry Basil Waffle - Buttermilk waffle, strawberry, fresh basil, chopped bacon, and topped with a goat cheese drizzle

Smoked Salmon Stack - Bagel, smoked salmon, caper cream cheese, arugula, bacon, and fresh tomato

Chicken and Spinach Crepes - Three crepes filled with spinach, goat cheese, walnuts, and apple with a brown sugar-green apple drizzle

Steak Crepes - Three crepes filled with traditional pico-de gallo, avocado and marinated sirloin with a goat cheese cilantro drizzle

Breaky Burger - Angus beef burger, fried egg, cheddar cheese, bacon, Siracha gravy, and country potatoes


GreenHouse hosts live jazz every Monday evening at 10pm with some awesome drink specials, and has been a Denton staple for almost 20 years. You can check them out for yourself at 600 N Locust St  Denton, TX 76201. 


Photos by Estelle Daily

Header Image by Christopher Rodgers