Bumbershoot BBQ Brings the Heat

Long farm roads that feel never ending eventually bring you to a bustling intersection with a variety of dining opportunities and in Argyle BBQ is the newest option. Bubmbershoot BBQ is the recent addition to Argyle’s Food Avenue, joining the ranks of Earl’s 377 Pizza, Kimzey’s Coffee, and Fuzzy’s Taco at the corner of  377 and 407FM. The folks at LSA Burger and Barley and Board are behind this latest restaurant endeavor, so we knew the standards were set high. We dug into the grub, got a little messy, and savored all the delicious goodness that was cooking out of the sweet vintage trailer parked on the back of the property.

The menu is full of options, but they still keep it simple - the way BBQ should be. We went with the two meat plate (ribs and hot links) which included a side of potato salad and baked beans. The Loaded Tater Tots were the must have on the menu, and rounding it off a chopped brisket sandwich complete with all the fixin's on the side. 

Make sure you come hungry because there is no skimpin' on the serving size. The St.Louis ribs had a bark of salt and pepper, and the heavier fat content added to the already hearty flavor with the meat falling off the bone. 

The hot links bring a subtle heat at first and then fire it up on the back end. You can kick up the temp with the spicy barbecue sauce that doesn't overwhelm the palate with unnecessary complexities. The links are juicy and packed full of flavor, and the best way to cut through the spice is with a forkful of their light and crisp green apple slaw or a sweet pickle. 

The smoked red potato slaw leaves something to be offered, the light mayo, chives, sour cream, and cheese really don't shine through and it feels more like kind of mashed potatoes than a picnic favorite mound of creamy mayo or mustard based potato salad. The baked beans have a surprising and pleasant kick that you can attribute to the apple hot links in the mix, and the savory flavors compliment the meat options perfectly. 

The Loaded Tater Tots are a guilty indulgence and crisped to perfection, served piping hot, letting all the topping melt in the chopped brisket piled on top. The jalapenos add some heat that is countered by the coolness of the sour cream, and the brisket is chock full of flavor. You won't struggle to get the perfect bite of this dish; the toppings are spread evenly throughout and this is definitely a plate to share if your going to continue to make your way through the menu, there is no saving room for dinner 

Sticking with the BBQ-basics, we tackled the chopped brisket sandwich, piled high with meat between to toasted pieces of Texas toast, and served with a bounty of toppings on the side. No sauce is needed, but if you just have to have it, the house barbecue sauce is fantastic and packed with flavor that just brings out the smokiness of the meat. I mean, I'll say it - this sandwich is a mouthful - but as we piled it high with pickles, red onions, and spicy carrots, the flavor profile went through the roof with everything complimenting each other in all the right ways. 

The ambiance of the park rings true to a backyard cookout, with wooden picnic tables, umbrellas for some shade from the Texas sun, and of course, a cooler full of beer. You can also grab a Baylan Soda, Cheerwine, Topo Chico, and Ice tea with sweet and unsweet options. We opted for a cold Shiner and LoneStar to enjoy the perfect barbecue experience, as the most delicious smells wafted through the air of the yard. Settled right behind Earls 377, it can be easy to miss from the road, but once you turn in between the two establishments, Bumbershoot is a welcoming site to see. 

Officially open this month, Bumbershoot BBQ and the rest of Argyle's own Food Avenue is a must try. Located at 425 US-377 S Argyle, Texas and selling each day til they run out. 


Photos by Estelle Daily
Header image design by Christopher Rodgers