Firkin Friday at Audacity

Firkin Friday at Audacity Brew House is how you should be winding down from your week. Brewmaster, Doug Smith, delivers a Firkin of deliciousness to the taproom and once it’s gone, it’s gone.

It’s actually a Pin, which makes this batch even more exclusive in that there are only ever 5 gallons of it in existence. “We take beer that’s brewing in back and pick a different combination for each Friday, combining the beer with spices, fruit, or dry hops that are added in through a hole at the top of the keg,” explains Smith. This process allows for super creative small batches of beer. Since the volume is small, the brewer isn’t hindered by cost and can splurge on higher-quality ingredients to create a truly unique drinking experience.


Recent concoctions include an Apple Cinnamon Oktoberfest, a Skittles beer that involved several different kinds of fruit juices, and a Vanilla Hazelnut Black Widow. The mix of flavors of the latter was such a hit, it inspired their Vanilla Hazelnut Porter, which is set to be released in January.  

It’s no easy feat coming up with 52 different ideas for the firkin, and Audacity’s brewers readily accept suggestions. You can send them to, and maybe your own combination of flavors will be what is next to fill cups. The firkin is tapped every Friday at 4pm, and 12oz tulip glasses, or shorties, are just $5. This week’s blend will be a Vanilla Orange Sunset suggested by yours truly.

Audacity continues to stand to bring something unique for taproom visitors, and one of their own talented bartenders, DJ Entropy, will be spinning sounds for you to chill to every Tuesday from 6-9pm beginning in the New Year. Monthly craft nights with SCRAP Denton, weekly Open Mic nights hosted by Denton’s very own Caleb Coonrod of Remain, and free live music every Saturday afternoon will make the taproom your new favorite spot to drop in for a cold pint of Denton crafted beer.


Tiffany Johnson