940's Rolls Out Winter Cocktails

940's snuck out this collaborative and well-thought-out collection of winter cocktails over this past week with sneak peaks on their Instagram. Each cocktail displays the skill and craftsmanship that goes into handcrafted cocktails, as well as the creative talent behind the bar. “We tried to stay away from those easy cop-out flavors and come up with something that’s our own,” says James Hoger, the Bar Manager at 940's.

The new options to hit the cocktail menu are a true collaborative effort between bartenders and staff, and there isn't one drink that disappoints. You can start planning your next happy hour and check out all the additions in our cocktail review. 


This dessert martini combines a sweet potato puree made with maple syrup and butter, simple syrup with ground allspice, creme, and a house-infused vanilla bean New Amsterdam vodka. The puree doesn't weigh down the cocktail at all, and every flavor is in complete harmony, with one resonating off the next. Light in body, and full in flavor, this cocktail bring all the flavors of winter in one delicious sip.


This is definitely a destination cocktail,:hard to pair, but a true experience for those who enjoy an adventure in the profiles of their drinks. The curry-infused 5 Cachaca, a sugar-cane based liqueur from Brazil, is mixed with creme de cacao, lime, pineapple, and basil. The drink is savory, and the bright notes of the massaman curry powder and turmeric create a refreshing cocktail with a bite of spice at the end, all without overpowering the other ingredients in the mix. The drink itself produces a balance of flavors, what seems to be an impressive and consistent characteristic of 940's cocktails.



A lot of bars are touting their own chai-infused bourbon or whiskey, but 940's does it right with Rye. The Old Overholt is house-infused, mixed with Presidente cognac, sweet vermouth, a vanilla simple syrup, garnished with an orange peel. The spice from the chai is the perfect complement to the vanilla and oak flavors of the Old Fashioned, taking this signature classic to a whole new level while also making it the perfect cocktail for pairing with your favorite winter entree. 


Matcha is a premium grade of green tea powder, and is a unique ingredient to find on a cocktail list. The savory flavor of the powder provides earthy tones to the drink, which is lightened by the citrus of the Yuzu juice and sweetened with an in-house created green tea honey. The froth of the egg white is beautifully cut through by each sip of this light and refreshing cocktail. 



Hot and cold at the same time, the breath of heat that comes from the chipotle honey syrup is unexpected. Your tongue is cool from the ice, but the roof of the mouth is warm from the spice of the grouse and the heat of the Vida mezcal. The warmth that comes from the hearth of a fireplace, is depicted in feeling and taste through this unexpected combination of ingredients and flavors, leaving a smokey taste on the palette. 


A great example of the 940's bartenders talent, this cocktail was the headliner of the evening. The sweetness and cherry flavors of the Luxardo amaretto and orgeat almond syrup, warmth of the Camarena Reposado tequila,  and citrus bite of lime juice and the cranberry simple syrup come together in this cocktail with each ingredient shining on its own and no one flavor overcoming another. Garnish with candied cranberries, this drink is the reason for the season. 


This isn't your everyday spiked hot chocolate. With dark chocolate-infused Camarena Reposada tequila and Abuelita chocolate powder, chipotle thrown in for heat, and a garnish of Mexene chili powder and agave whipped cream, this spin on a winter weather classic is a bold compilation of flavors that will definitely be the way you want to warm up on those cooler nights. 

940's Kitchen and Cocktails is located at 219 Oak Street. In addition to an impressive cocktail menu, they also serve up a delicious brunch menu every Saturday and Sunday. Make sure to give them a follow on Facebook to keep up with all of the restaurants happenings. 


Header image design by Brittany Keeton