Denton Wine Walk Brings Together Community

$10 gets you this specially designed wine glass at the last wine walk of the season. Photo courtesy of Denton Wine Walk

$10 gets you this specially designed wine glass at the last wine walk of the season.
Photo courtesy of Denton Wine Walk

Enjoy a savory drink in company of other like-minded individuals in Denton; wine-lovers can unite for a monthly Wine Walk on the square. Participants get to sample selected wines while exploring local businesses downtown.   

The Denton Wine Walk was created by entrepreneur Brian Ivanchan in May 2018.  “I went to Cedar Springs Wine Walk and thought Denton would love something like this; so I went to the city, did a Facebook event, and the rest is history,” Ivanchan stated, excited about his project.

His goal was to bring Dentonites and local businesses together while raising money for nonprofit organizations such as the Denton Animal Support Foundation and Denton Main Street Association. “I want to leave my mark on Denton,” said Ivanchan.

There are an average of 15 wine stops every last Wednesday of the month with each location serving different kinds of wine such as Apothic Red and Barefoot. They have white and red, sweet and dry, something for everyone, and if you are not sure what sort of wine person you are, this is the best way to find out.

Wine Walk tickets can be pre-purchased online for $10 which includes a wine glass. There will also be about 300 VIP tickets which will include a custom made collectible wine glass specially made for each event. Attendees will check in and receive their wine glass on the corner of the downtown square starting at 5:15, additional tickets will be sold at 6 pm. You will also receive a map guiding you to each wine stop. As you visit each stop, the business will sign your map. Visit at least 6 of the listed stops, and you will be eligible to enter the raffle at 9:15 and have the chance to win items donated by local merchants.

The last Wine Walk of the season will be Wednesday, July 25. The 2018-2019 season will kick off on September 26th, 2018. For more info, visit the Facebook event.

Business owners who would like to participate can fill out this form.

Photo courtesy of Denton Wine Walk

Photos courtesy of Denton Wine Walk
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