Brothers Aim for Authentic Recipes at Drunchies Tacos

While Fry St. may offer several food options to locals, UNT senior, Juan Correa, knew the area was missing something – authentic homestyle tacos.

Along with his brother, Oscar Correa, the two opened up Drunchies Tacos on June 20th on 1115 W Hickory St to fulfill this need.

“I got the idea because when I went to Fry, my only options were pizza and subs,” Juan Correa, 22, said. “And I was like, ‘Some tacos would be nice right now.’”

The brothers didn’t just stumble into entrepreneurship - they were born into it.

Their parents own ice cream shops throughout the metroplex and have encouraged their sons to follow their passion for business since they were young.

“That’s how I got the business background,” Juan Correa said. “Being children of entrepreneurs, they’ve always told us ‘Don’t take orders, give orders.’”

Drunchies menu is full of authentic, passed-down family recipes from the brothers’ childhood. The menu includes dishes such as tacos, quesadillas, churros, and special deals for meals with sides.

“It’s the stuff I’ve been eating since I was little,” Juan Correa said.

Oscar Correa, 20, said that getting to share his family’s recipes with Denton is rewarding because it’s a chance to share his culture with the community.

“It means a lot to me because I get to expose the beautiful Mexican culture with people from different types of backgrounds,” he said.

Drunchies prides itself on staying open until 3am Thursday through Saturdays to catch the slew of bar hoppers and night shift bartenders looking for a different type of food than what is normally available.

“A big market customer I’m trying to get are the bartenders,” Juan Correa said, laughing. “I know they’re hungry, and I’ve got the food.”

The restaurant also accommodates with others who work nearby and are craving authentic Mexican dishes.

Voertman’s College Store employee Caitlin Bradford is one of the many who finds herself taking the short walk over to Drunchies for a quick bite.

“I eat there probably once every other day,” Bradford said. “I also think that seeing young business owners, who are also siblings, is really refreshing and inspiring.”

She added that along with its convenient location, Drunchies does its job of bringing an authentic Mexican culture to the area.

“Drunchies adds intimacy and familiarity to Fry St, as well as an authenticity that really enhances the culture of Fry St,” she said.

This intimacy would not be possible without the Correas’ mother, Juan said.

She drives an hour nearly every morning to help her sons cook the food for the day. She also spends time fine-tuning the recipes to make sure customers are getting the ultimate eating experience.

“Ever since it opened, she’s been tweaking the churro trying to make it perfect,” Juan Correa said. “That’s why I have great feedback from the churro, some people say it’s the best item on the menu. But it’s just because she’s been perfecting it for years.”

Though owning a restaurant at 22-years-old can be daunting for him, Juan Correa finds joy in pursuing his passion. He also enjoys surprising customers when they aren’t aware he’s a co-owner of the business.

“My favorite part is working the cashier because I get to talk to my customers, and sometimes they say ‘Whoever made this spot is smart,’” he said. “And I’m like, ‘Yeah that’s me man,’ and they’re always saying how I’m so young. It’s the best feeling. I’ll be tired and I’ll hear that and I’ll get a boost of energy.”

Oscar Correa agreed that being a young business owner has its perks as well as its struggles.

“To be honest it’s surreal and a dream come true,” he said. “At times it can be bittersweet because I have to make a lot of sacrifices normal 20-year-olds don’t have to make, but at the end of the day I know the sacrifices I make today, is what’s going to set me up to be successful in life so it’s worth it.”

As for the future, he envisions the business will be a “college based business” that expands to other universities.

Drunchies plans to have their grand opening by the end of August to welcome back students.

Though business hours may change, for now Drunchies is open 12pm-12am Monday through Wednesday, and 12pm-3am Thursday through Saturday.

Photos by Will Baldwin
Header image layout designed by Mateo Granados