Move Over, Avocado Latte - Denton is Brewing Something Different

After the "Avolatte" craze took way earlier this week, Denton barista Conor Poull decided to switch it up a bit and created the Tomato Cortado. 

"I actually did take a sip, and it wasn't terrible," Poull said. "I hadn't intended to drink it, just to respond to the "Avocado Latte" nonsense. I wouldn't even have wasted the tomato, except that it had a worm in it so I wasn't gonna eat it."

There you have it, folks. A tomato Cortado. Yes, both concepts involve coffee being poured into hollowed out fruit, but at least Denton isn't known for the Avolatte, right?

Byebye avolatte, welcome Tomato Cortado. #coffee #tomatocortado #latteart #gardentomouth

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Photos courtesy of Conor Poull
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