7°F Keeps Cool on Fry

The ice cream game in Denton is being stepped up a notch with the newest edition to Fry St, 7°F Ice Cream Rolls, making its appearance. Thai rolled ice cream is flavored milk cream base that is poured onto an extremely cold metal plate, in this case cooled to 7°F, and then worked with two paddles until it's chilled enough to become a moldable solid. Sheets are created, and then a spatula is used to curl up the iced cream into rolls, creating a cold treat for these hot summer days that's almost too pretty to eat. 

You can choose from one of their many custom creations or create your own! First, you choose your ice cream base, and then you choose one item to mix in with the ice cream. You can select up to three different toppings from a wide selections of fruits, nuts, candies, and other sweets. Finally, you choose a sauce. 

Pictured above is vanilla ice cream mixed with peanut butter, topped with Oreo, Hershey's, and chocolate and butterscotch sauces.

Pictured above is the House Special #4, a green tea ice cream, topped with strawberry, pineapple, blueberries, and a strawberry sauce. 

7ºF is located at 104 Avenue A, in the Fry Street area—in the same space as Pita Pit. You can also follow them on Facebook

                                                              Header Image Design by Christopher Rodgers