Connoiseur's Club of Smoking and Drinking

This weekend a Viking-themed Christmas gathering will pay homage to the ancestry of Scandinavian explorers with a feast, rocking live music, and up to 10 home-brewed beers presented by Denton’s chapter of the Connoisseur's Club of Smoking and Drinking. As fans of brewing and the revelries that come with it, chapter president Chachie Hood felt paying an homage to Viking traditions to fit the spirit of his organization.

CCSD is a private, Texas-based club that enjoys coming together to engage in the cigar smoking and imbibing of beer and spirits. However, events like this weekend’s Yületide are open to the community. A $10 donation allows unlimited tastings of the group’s homebrewed beer and feast. Each beer available was crafted by a member of the club.

Hood is also acting as the head chef himself, and he tried to stick to ingredients that archaeologists say were vital to Viking era recipes. The main course is a fire-grilled chicken quarters marinated in beer, honey, rosemary, fennel seed, and black peppercorn. Rolls of cheese will be baked on-site. Vegan and gluten-intolerant may seek out the pearled barley with roasted apples and macadamia nuts. No belly should go empty on these savoring, delicious servings.

The event is being held in the expansive outdoor space at 702. E. Sherman Road, and grounds open at 2 p.m. Music begins at 4 p.m. with performances from Hen and the Cocks, Dieselbeast, and Tristan Thorndyke & the Rock n’ Roll Cannibals. There will also be outdoor games that pay homage to the Viking theme (although it's too much to hope for any snow to allow for skiing). Attendees can use the parking lot across the street from the address listed above. Festivities will wrap up by 10 p.m.

CCSD founded in Houston 21 years ago, and the Denton chapter has existed for the past 2 years. They don’t openly recruit new members, but liking their Facebook page will provide information on various events they are a part of.

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Flyer designed by Chachie Hood
Photos by Mateo Granados
Header Image designed by Jason Lee