Valentine's Day Deception: What to do when single on love's holiday?

Valentine’s Day image courtesy of Carolina Silva.

Valentine’s Day image courtesy of Carolina Silva.

When talking about Valentine's Day, images of red roses, chocolates and teddy bears cross the minds of many. But as some may know, Valentine’s Day isn’t all lovey dovey; it has some pretty dark origins.

Here is a quick history lesson for those interested in the beginnings of Valentine's Day. The truth is that different churches around the world and history itself created Valentine's Day, like many other celebrations. According to NPR, the celebration was originally a dark pagan festivity called Lupercalia that aimed to make women fertile and set couples up, all in one night. And so, "Later, Pope Gelasius I muddled things in the 5th century by combining St. Valentine's Day with Lupercalia to expel the pagan rituals."

The name of many martyrs in that time was “Valentine,” to whom were accredited many marvelous deeds, making festival integration easier.

One of the stories that helped facilitate the festival integration begins with a priest named Saint Valentine who celebrated forbidden marriages. For this, he was sentenced to death, leaving a love note behind signed "from your Valentine.” And thus the first Valentine's card ever written was created.

In conclusion, Valentine's Day was really established out of a desire for love and fertility, but what do you do when you find yourself on this day without someone to share it with? Dentonites offered ideas for those ready to pass the Valentine’s Day test of not falling into this downward spiral, which leaves many feeling unworthy and succumbing to peer pressure on a holiday that has been unforgivably capitalized off of.

Jordan Stover, 21, said that one of the things she does not like about Valentine's Day this year is the fact that she is single. Regardless of this, she suggests being more friendly is something she will be doing to make her feel good.

"I like going to the bars on Fry Street and meeting new people, that makes me friendly," she said while smiling.

Sam Weber, 19, said that Valentine's Day is an awkward day for those without a significant other, including himself.

Pinterest graphic modified by Carolina Silva.

Pinterest graphic modified by Carolina Silva.

"There is nothing for you, it's really emphasizing the couples, and it's all about celebrating that," he said. "I am just gonna let the couples go, hang out, and have dates, and I am, honestly, going to go to work, go to school, and then I’m just going to go home and go to sleep. And that's a great excuse for me not to leave my house."

Weber recommends spending this Valentine's Thursday like any other day.

"Go about it, don't emphasize it like any other day, just hang out, and do what you do, and just think of it as a Thursday,” he said.

Summing it up, single people have two choices this Valentine's Day: either completely ignore Valentine's Day and don't let peer pressure get you, or go out and do something about it. Tempt your destiny and go to the nearest bar/church/restaurant/event and meet your Valentine. Maybe not to meet a soulmate but simply just to have a good time. Also there are so many sales on chocolate and gifts, why not just date yourself? We are all here for that righteous self love.

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