"Toilet Time with Tiff" Reviews Local Bathrooms On Twitter

Denton is a place where people are happy to lend their skills, services and helping hand to their fellow citizens in any capacity necessary. Being surrounded by so much community reminds many why they find a way to contribute to this town. Calling on a higher being, Tiffany Fullerton asked herself how she could assist in the Lord’s work. What would She do?

Advise people on the most poopable, cleanest, and optimal bathrooms on her corner of Twitter dubbed Toilet Time w Tiff is naturally what she decided to do. 

Under the Twitter handle @toilettiff, the 19 year old Fullerton has been posting bathroom reviews complete with toilet selfies (sometimes videos), pictures of the restrooms, comical anecdotes, and the final judgement of a 10 star rating system. Fullerton is providing a service to those stricken by performance anxiety when having to go in public.

“The people deserve to know,” she said.

A few weeks back she got the notification that her account was a year old and as of today she has reviewed 31 bathrooms in total. Recalling her inspiration to start such a revolutionary account, Fullerton said it was mix of family values, service, and a dash of summertime boredom.

“I have a family of bad bowel movements, they are all very bad at holding it in[...] If they need to know I’m sure other people do, too,” Fullerton said. “It was just the summer, and I thought, you know, sometimes you just have an emergency and you just need to know what’s a good place to drop.”

Sitting at 89 followers, her account has a loyal and consistent group of people who interact and enjoy the toilet account.

“I feel like my friends were like, ‘this is dumb, do it,'” Fullerton said. “I guess some of them didn’t think it would last this long, but here I am.”

She has standards for what makes a good and bad bathroom. When talking about poopability, single stalls are ideal as no one can walk in or out and you can be as loud as you want. Even when not granted the former, a restroom that is supremely quiet, not too busy, has air dryers over paper towels to avoid waste, and cleanliness can make up for it. And of course, good lighting for those toilet selfies. If there is good lighting, no one has to know those selfies were taken while sitting on a toilet, get over yourself.

A bad bathroom is quite the opposite: disgusting, busy, loud, dark and scary. Automatic toilets that flush could also result in a penalty on Fullerton’s rating system, if they flush while you are still on the toilet. It is anxiety-inducing and disrupts a sacred process.

Fullerton is a film major at UNT, so the account somewhat aligns with her storytelling desires  even if it does take form in a more unappealing yet exuberant way. Her reviews are amusing and a sweet rabbit hole to fall into on Twitter for no freaking reason at 2 a.m.

Fullerton said she draws on her real life thoughts when creating her tweets. She recalls using the Dix Coney Island bathroom and seeing a lighter on the floor, a part that made it into her tweet.

“I saw this yellow lighter on the floor and I thought, ‘Who is she?’ Just this little ray of sunshine in this very white bathroom, it’s just real life stuff,” Fullerton said.

She said even when she forgets to post a review she is always unconsciously reviewing bathrooms referring to her almost 200 toilet selfies in her phone.

Fullerton reviews her bathrooms mostly out of convenience, wherever she happens to be dropping, but she is open to going to places just for reviews.

“Hey if you want me to review a bathroom, take me to eat there, and I will,” she said. “Feed me so I can produce!”


She has also began incorporating follower submissions. She has opened her DMs to the masses, so anyone who has toilet selfies and an opinion can be included in this essential project.

Thinking of growth for this account, Fullerton said more followers and more submissions would go a long way on the continuation of the cause. Back in her hometown Harlingen, she said there is a man who reviews dirty restaurants and puts his seal of approval on these locations, this is something she thinks she can do, placing her seal of approval on the doors of the best restrooms in Denton. Maybe businesses should stress less on Yelp reviews, and instead they should seek out a Toilet Time with Tiff bathroom approval.

Universally, her top bathrooms to “destroy” in are Taco Bell’s, Starbucks’ and Target’s because of the single stall, the quietness, and the cleanliness, respectably. In Denton, Spiral Diner and Dix Coney Island Have an official Toilet Time with Tiff stamp of approval. Spiral for its cute wallpaper, cleanliness, and a plus for its vegan, cruelty-free handsoap, and Dix for its single bathroom nature and its calm quiet away from the loud crowd that fills the space.

Although sometimes she does refrain from telling new people in her life about her account, she said when she does get around to telling them, or they find out on their own, they always think it’s hilarious. She said ultimately this isn’t something for her to be embarrassed about and is ready to defend her toilet account from those who deem it dumb.

“If this is something people hate on me for, I’ll take it,” she said. “If you can’t accept my bathroom account, how can you accept me? This is my life, these are my burdens, I am not changing for you.”

This is the porcelain hill she has comedically chosen to die on.

But hey, in all seriousness, having a poop is a sacred time for contemplation and there's nothing wrong with going in a public restroom. Remember, your need to destroy should take priority and Toilet Time w Tiff is here to remind you - you deserve the best there is.

Photos, graphic, and header design by Tori Falcon.
Photos taken at Dix Coney Island and West Oak Coffee Bar.