Shit to Do on the Weeknights: July 16–18

A few weeks ago, my friend messaged me asking what there is to do on a Wednesday night. I had no idea, and this is how I found out that he was either stricken with "good ol' days" syndrome, or he's spoiled by Dallas. I also found out I should stop being an old man and figure out a plan for weeknight hangs. Anyway, here's what's going on now that The Handmaid's Tale and The Expanse have run their season finales.

Monday, July 16

Torchy's Tacos Opening Day

Yay, it's another place to get tacos from. The very reputable Austin-based chain has made its way to the Rayzor Ranch area of Denton. If you enjoy being surrounded by way too many people, then make sure you check them out on opening day. Check out the Facebook event for more info, or just search around town for a traffic jam. 

Texas Gentlemen at Andy's Bar

Americana rock rooted in Lone Star State influences is what the Texas Gentlemen are all about. Tickets in advance are $5, while slackers pay $10 at the door. If you needed a soundtrack for your Lone Star, well, here you go. It's Service Industry Monday, so it's 25% off for those that have just survived another weekend of overly-gracious guests ordering food and drinks. Check out the Facebook event page here

Tuesday, July 16

Killer's Taco Musician Open Mic

Including recurring events won't be a habit in this column, but after I complained that Banter's open mic has yet to be replaced, my comment section had a few persons recommending this event. Part of not taking Denton's young creatives for granted involves also making sure people under 21 have a place to perform to an encouraging crowd. 

Facebook event link

The Mondegreens (WA), Yarrows, Samus David Jr. at Backyard on Bell

Samus David Jr. is one of the best local bands, and if you haven't seen them yet, you're not a real Dentonite. Also, the Mondegreens are good and very much worth the price of a free show. If you're above the level of a jackass, you can bring a few dollars to support their tour since they're visiting from Washington. 

Facebook event link

Club Summer with DJ Aybee

We wanna dance! If you've been to Salsa with Jo events at Mulberry Cantina, then you've been dancing with DJ Aybee at the helm. If we can't get out to dance on a Tuesday night, then why are we even here?

Facebook event link


Terror Pigeon / Springtime + the Changes / Linda Lump / Hobble Dog

House show at the Space Station. Obviously it's awful to miss Springtime + the Changes, but have you considered seeing an entire bill for once? Live your best life.

Facebook Event link

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