The Bold and Trash: Denton's Newest Grassroots Art Organization

Look out Denton, there's a new organization coming your way. The Bold and Trash is a new art organization that's making Denton it's home. The Bold and Trash is run by four roommates: Maia Pizarro, Mariana Flores, Julia Del Rosario, and Heliana Onomo. The four roommates are all artists who specialize in multimedia art.

The idea first came to the four roommates towards the end of 2018. The people behind The Bold and Trash said “It first started as a joke in a conversation we were having. Like, ‘Haha, wouldn’t it be wild if we also created our own art show at our apartment?’ and then it led to, ‘You know, why not throw our own art show?’”

The Bold and Trash is another local Denton organization that wants to take art and art exhibitions back from the elite and rich. What the rising trend of home grown exhibitions do is make it accessible for to display and view art.

Because of this, it is not surprising that the other local, homegrown galleries have influenced The Bold and Trash. In a statement to The Dentonite, The Bold and Trash said that Denton’s ARThaus and Where?house definitely had an influence over their vision for The Bold and Trash. They saw others were opening up their personal spaces for art shows and since they are all artists they thought opening up their apartment space would be cool as well.

It's no surprise that both ARThaus and Where?House have both influenced The Bold and the Trash. Both ARThaus and Where?House have become important aspects to Denton's growing community of artists and art enthusiasts. After hearing about the influence ARThaus has had on The Bold and Trash, ARThaus’ educational director, Kasi Flores, said "we're really glad to see that there are other homegrown art organizations starting up. It's really sweet to hear that they were inspired by ARThaus.”

Like ARThaus and Where?House, what The Bold and Trash wants to provide Denton is an accessible venue to display and view art. The primary demographic that The Bold and Trash want to make their organization accessible to is college students.

“Mainly we’re focused on providing another space for a community of artists to come together. We believe art shows don’t have to be limited to the walls of gallery or museum spaces, but that anybody can put on their own shows in their own personal spaces. We want to invite artists and the art community to come together and have a fun time experiencing art,” the collective said.

Although the four roommates don't have a mission statement for The Bold and Trash, they make their intentions for the group very clear.

“We just wanted to have a good time looking at and talking about art with our fellow artists!”

On Friday, April 19, from 8-11 p.m., The Bold and Trash will be holding their first art show: apARTment. The art show will include refreshments, immersive installations and a mini pop-up market.

“We’d like to think of the mini Art Market as our own garage sale. We will be selling art supplies, clothes, jewelry and other odds and ends for cheap. Additionally, we’ll also have a section of things we want to give away for free”.

In addition to that, interested parties will be able to purchase some of the pieces. In a statement to The Dentonite, they said “Some of our works are up for sale but we’d like anyone interested in buying to discuss prices with the artist themselves. We’d like the prices of our work to be geared toward college students because we’ve been in situations where buying art can get uncomfortably unaffordable”.

For anyone interested in going to apARTment, Maia Pizarro, Mariana Flores, Julia Del Rosario, and Heliana Onomo have requested people direct message them at The Bold and Trash Instagram page where they can keep up with the group.

The collective asked for quotes to be attributed to all four of its members.

Header image courtesy of The Bold and Trash.

Header design by Kylie Phillips.