Great spots to take graduation pictures

With graduation around the corner, now is the time to take your cap and gown picture. You can’t just take one picture and call it a day. No, you need to have more than one look and more than one background. You spent four (more or less) years at college and need to showcase all your greatness in these photos because school won’t last forever but your grad pics will.

This is a no brainer, the first place you should start is at the university or college you’re graduating from. The University of North Texas and Texas Woman’s University have some pretty spots on campus great to get those grad pics. Though not every photo has to be taken on campus, it’s still a good idea to capture moments at the place you spent so much time at earning that degree(s).

University welcome sign

Both UNT and TWU have welcome signs when you enter the universities at the Denton campuses. You can stand directly in the center of the sign or pose at different angles at this location. The whole university name doesn’t need to be in the photo. Just be safe when doing this because both welcome signs are near the street and there is a lot of traffic.

Campus water fountain

Who doesn’t love a good water fountain? All you have to do is sit down and smile, let the water do all the work. If you’re feeling risqué you can take your shoes off and get in the fountain but there’s no telling if you’ll get in trouble for this.


The McConnell Tower is a UNT staple and is the perfect spot to get some tasteful photos. A way to spice your pics up is to have some glitter and confetti –– or anything that is tiny and sparkly –– and to blow it off your hands or throw it up in the air. (Make sure it is biodegradable or clean up your own mess!) Yes, glitter is messy but the pictures are gorgeous and add some spice. Who doesn’t love a good sparkle? Or if you don’t want to get messy you can always edit some sparkles.

Another place on the UNT campus to get neat photos are at the Eagle statue and the seated Scrappy the Eagle statue. Both statues are by the Union. Keep in mind everyone will most likely be doing photoshoots by the statues so plan accordingly. Know what poses and angles you want beforehand so you can save yourself and other’s time.


If you want elegant photos, check out the inside of the Little Chapel-in-the-Woods. The lighting is dim, the inside architecture is beautiful and the stained windows are to die for. If you want to take photos outside then stand next to the Pioneer Woman sculpture. You can even make the same pose as her.

Gardens and parks

Not everyone likes to take their graduation photos on campus or even be school related so here are some alternative options. Visit any nearby parks and gardens. Or you don’t even have to go to a park, with bluebonnets in season, you can pull up on the side of the road and take the photos. All that matters when taking the pics are the angles and lighting, the background isn’t always the biggest concern.

One garden recommendation is the Gemini Peach and Rose Gardens on Haggard Lane in Denton. The peaches are not in season yet but they have lovely roses and you can even pick your own roses to take home or to use as a prop.

Denton Square

Lastly, hit the Square. There’s a lot going on in downtown Denton including all the wall murals. If you’re artsy, try going inside the Patterson- Appleton Arts Center on East Hickory Street. It’s free to go in but I would ask in advance to get permission to do a photoshoot there.

Just remember you’re the subject and the background is the accessory. You don’t need to be spending crazy money on backdrops, props or lighting. Get creative with the angles is the best thing you can do to get great shots.

Header image courtesy of Matthew T Rader on Unsplash.

Header design by Kylie Phillips.