Texas Queerlesque Festival Reigns in its Third Year

This upcoming weekend, the Texas Queerlesque Festival takes over the Design District in Dallas for its third year in a row. With over 96 moving bodies working, performing, and teaching, it’s no question that this year will be its biggest, best year yet.

For those who may not know, Texas Queerlesque Fest, a.k.a. Texas Queerfest, a.k.a. TXQF, is a festival dedicated to creating a performance space for queer performers of Texas. Founded by Glitterbomb Denton and Salty Lady Burlesque founder, Lilith Grey, this production includes but is not limited to burlesque, drag, boylesque, lyra, flow arts, and more.

On top of a stacked lineup of entertainers from across the state and especially DFW, the festival features a Unicorn School hosted at Sue Ellen’s, where performers and ticket holders alike can learn how to hone their craft, book a tour, or unleash their inner sexiness to up their performance game. If you’re a local up-and-coming entertainer, or someone looking to take that first step into becoming one, this festival is the golden ticket, your 4-day adventure into the wonderful world of all things queer, all things queerlesque, all things performing!

Oh, did we mention there’s a kick off party? and a brunch? and keynote speakers? So that’s a Unicorn School, parties and brunch at Sue Ellen’s on top of two evenings of performances. Y’all - this festival might as well be a conference. Where, or when else in DFW can one experience all these incredible, queer, beautiful things in one area? If you can think of one, send it our way. Otherwise, this is it. Texas Queerlesque Fest is putting Dallas, and even Lil’ d on the map, as an even greater contender for local entertainment.

When we reached out to Denton’s own Tulla Moore, assistant producer of Glitterbomb and TXQF, she said she was most eager for the classes this year.

“We have both movement and lecture based classes as well as socials to meet and greet with performers!” Moore said. This year has plenty of opportunities to mingle with and learn from some of the greats at a greatly discounted price. “Unicorn School is for everyone performer or not. Plus! Plus, stripper brunch and wind down parties on Sunday.”

 We’re excited about stripper brunch, too. If you’d like to spend some quality, good-hearted time with Tulla Moore this weekend, be sure to check out her social, where individuals will be writing letters to incarcerated trans individuals.  

As for putting lil’ d on the map, there are several performers making the trek on down to Dallas for the weekend to represent for us to the rest of DFW and Texas. Here’s a list of performers you can check out in advance. If you can’t make it to TXQF, you can find these same individuals at stages here in town, i.e. Glitterbomb Thursday’s at Andy’s Bar, or on the Sinsational Sundays stage at Crossroads bar, or our newest local queer-friendly cafe, Q’s Cafe.  

Headliner: Onyx Fury

Danny FoxTrot

Violet Bites

Birdie Holly

Marie de Menthe

Lana Del Gay/ Ike Onyk

Scarlett Frenzy (recently moved to Denton)

Neon Fury

Weekend, single-day, and evening showcase passes are still available. Purchase your tickets here: https://texasqueerlesquefestival.com/tickets/

Header image courtesy of Texas Queerlesque Festival Facebook page.

Header design by Tori Falcon.