Shit to Do on Weeknights July 23 - 25

It's so hot I've been seeing mirages of La Croix cans. Anyway, here are things to do outside the house before the weekend.

Monday, July 23

Parks and Rec Trivia Night at Denton County Brewing Company
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This trivia night is hosted by Lakewood Brewing Company, and customers get to keep the glass if a Lakewood brew is ordered. This seems like a good a time as any to mention that anyone who cheats at live trivia is universally despised. Anyway, this seems like a perfect night out for those who make Leslie Knope's adventures their repeated viewing of choice.

Body English + King Kie
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I just listened to King Kie's "Pie in the Sky" and this record is fire. This powerful and talented r&b/soul singer will be joining Body English Monday night for their monthly residency at Andy's Bar. It's also service industry night for those looking to unwind after another busy weekend. Noted fashion icon Look of the Year will kick off the music at 10 p.m. Pronuncations are important, so you should know King Kie is pronounced like 'kinky.'


Tuesday, July 24

100 Letters of Change at Eastside
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Yea it's obvious that a large number of local social events end up happening at a bar, but Young Democrats of Denton County are making political engagement easy here. The purpose of 100 Letters of Change is to have people write letters to state representatives concerning the practices of separating immigrants from their families. Michael Burgess doesn't seem like the ideal pen pal, but the written word is more powerful than Russian bots.

Nerd Nite 28: Battling Bots at The Bearded Monk
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Speaking of battling bots, the next Nerd Nite has rad speakers talking about robotics competition and election meddling. Josh Berthume recently wrote a piece for Tribtalk concerning the prevalence of digital propaganda created by Russians. As the founder of Swash Labs and Rogue Metrics, Berthume has made a career of understanding the digital field and its web of culture, marketing, and politics. Seems like he'll know what he's talking about. 

Pearl Earl/ The Voluptuals(CHI)/ Helium Queens at Dan's Silverleaf
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I feel a plan coming together. Writer a letter to your congressman, see a Dentonesque Ted Talk, and then treat your smartened up brain to a kick ass music show. I feel I shouldn't have to make a pitch for Pearl Earl, but if you don't make it in time to see Helium Queens open you're doing life wrong. Their music is the easiest way to travel outer space. Also, the Voluptuals are good.

Wednesday, July 25

Wine Walk on the Square
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I'm embarrassed to say I didn't know about this recurring event, and it's the last wine walk of the season. There's no need to be a wine savant. $10 gets you a wine glass, and then wine samples are free after that. If you've never supported local businesses, here's some motivation to at least walk through locally owned shops on the Square.

Luke Moore's Last Convenient Comedy at Midway Craft House
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This is the first of two comedy shows on a fine Wednesday evening. Luke Moore is famous for having the same hometown as the editor-in-chief of The Dentonite and President George W. Bush. Also he's funny. Alas, he's leaving town and some say Denton's comedy scene may never recover. Maybe we should have nominated him for a DAM award. Comedy starts at 7:30 p.m.

Harvest House Comedy Show
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If Denton can have two comedy shows in one night, can we get a forward-thinking entrepreneur to finally open a comedy club. I promise Denton comedy won't really die when Luke Moore leaves. Anyway, Josh Johnson is so fucking funny I can't say he's funny without cussing. And we've heard good things about Hannah Vaughan's stand-up. This show is free and comedy starts at 9 p.m. 

Header image by Mateo Granados