Separating the DAM Awards and The Dentonite

On Feb. 15, 2019, The Dentonite will present the third annual Denton Art & Music Awards. The key word here is present. We understand there is (and will be) a lot of confusion about the space between The Dentonite and the DAM Awards, so I’d like to spend this time trying to explain it and hopefully answer any questions you may be having. The Dentonite (this online publication you are reading from) began The Denton Art & Music Awards on Feb. 11, 2017. Now going on its third year, there has been much growth in attendance and we are analyzing and trying to improve on better ways to bring them into fruition each year. Part of this has been making the Denton Arts & Music Awards into a non-profit (it is still in pending status) in order to gain sponsorships which helps make it happen but also allows us to give back to a beneficiary in the community each year. The Dentonite itself is an LLC and we want to make sure that when we hold fundraisers for the DAM Awards people know what the money is going towards, and when people purchase sponsorship packages, they know what it is assisting in.

Although the DAM Awards was created and is primarily formed by people at The Dentonite, we are working toward creating a full-board of people to help with the nominations process for the future, and of course volunteering their time to help with it. As of now, this is the current board: President; Tori Falcon, Mateo Granados; Vice President, Tiffany Johnson; Director of Operations, Anjelica Fraga; Secretary, Sara Button; Treasurer. 

We chose North Texas Dream Team to be this year’s beneficiary. A non-profit with a mission to “advance the dreams and goals of students, North Texas Dream Team aims to educate and bring awareness to everyone regardless of color when it comes to issues in our communities.”  North Texas Dream Team has been around since 2010 but has been active recently for the issues surrounding the separation of families at the border and the migrant caravan. We are asking for a $3 donation upon entrance of the DAM Awards as a portion of the funds will be helping this cause along with paying all the performers for the evening. We understand it may seem inconvenient or bothersome to do so because in the years past we have never asked for this, but we hope people will understand and consider the situation.

If you or your business is interested in sponsoring the DAM Awards or you’re interested in purchasing a VIP table or seats, contact for more information. If interested in volunteering for the DAM Awards by presenting awards, bartending, handling decorations, or being a greeter, contact

The theme for this year’s DAM Awards is masquerade! We are having a Mask Workshop Give Back Night at Game Changers Jan. 24 starting at 7 p.m. Pay $10 and we will provide crafts and things to make your mask for the award show. Don’t forget your hot glue guns!

AND don’t forget to attend the event itself! We are a little more than a month out from the Feb. 15 shebang. We have finalized the performances for the evening and we will be announcing it very soon! The entire DAM team, whether a part of The Dentonite or not, are thrilled about this year’s award show and hope you all are as well.

Header image by Kristen Watson.

Header design by Kylie Phillips.