Race for TX HD64: Mark Roy Leads With Family Values

Republican Mark Roy, a United States Marine Corps Veteran, has strongly established his campaign for District 64 of the Texas House of Representatives upon a platform of family values. Roy seeks to unseat current incumbent Lynn Stucky, who shares many of the same family and Christian values and who even attends the same church.

“What we learn from the Bible…I try to set a good example and be in the Word in every aspect of my life,” Roy said, speaking of his family values. “From being a husband, to the military, to my Veteran work, you lead by examples. You have to study what you believe, and for me, that happens in the Word.”

Roy’s parents split when he was a junior in high school, which he said was a traumatic experience that led him to do what he describes as "crazy": join the Marines.

Seeking stability, he found it in the Marine Corps and carried it over to his family. Stability in a family is something he didn’t always have as a kid. However, he successfully carried it into his own family and wishes the same for all families.

Roy, a Marine of 25 years who served three combat tours, saw firsthand what it means to fight for what he believes in: America. This is exactly what he plans to do: stand upon values that our forefathers deemed honorable.

Even with many in opposition, Mark Roy stands firm in what he believes. Having had the opportunity to travel across the world through the Middle East, South Africa and Africa, he said that he has seen poverty and knows how to reach out to a variety of different people within the community.

Roy said on his campaign site he believes he has the ability to lead with kindness and compassion, seeking to serve the community and do what it takes to support Texas as a whole.

There are quite a few issues Roy is against, but more than anything, he is for Texas and for protecting the innocent and the voiceless.

Mark Roy seeks to back up Christian values on which he said the country and state were founded upon. He also stresses the importance of family and the ways children flourish into honorable citizens when they’re surrounded by a loving and supportive group of individuals who truly care for the children's well-being.

One of the issues Roy is committed to protecting is the second amendment. Based on the beliefs listed in his own words within his campaign website, Roy is nostalgic for the ease of mind that used to surround this right.

“There was a time when Americans were not scared of guns. I remember gun racks hanging in the back windows of pickup trucks. I remember kids taken out of school on the first day of hunting season. Public schools used to teach gun safety to their students.”

Roy speaks often on the issue of the second amendment.

“Statistically, constitutional carry equals the lowest gun crime [rate]. Gun crime is highest in inner cities that have the strictest gun laws,” Roy said. “For people who follow laws, all you’re going to do is disarm them and then I can’t defend people if I don’t have my gun. It’s not about the gun, but the heart and soul of the person.”

Roy also stands firm in seeking to have the lowest property taxes possible as well as being able to rid the roads of tolls and red light cameras, ridding Texans of what he said are unnecessary taxes and fees.

Roy points to his military background to explain his stance on immigration as well.

“As a Marine, we’re taught you have to have 360-degree security. We don’t have that in our borders. We are getting wiped out economically,” Roy said. “Illegal immigrants get better and cheaper healthcare than my veterans at the VA do. I sell pharmaceuticals, I know, and that’s just not right. Legal immigration I’m good with, I’m all for it. We just need to know they’re here and exist.”

Roy is firm in many of his beliefs. But, there is one he is steadfast on. Roy said the government needs boundaries. On his campaign website, he uses a specific Thomas Jefferson quote to emphasize his stance. “That government is best which governs the least because its people discipline themselves.”

Roy said the government should not overstep its authority. He said the government should rule for the good of the people, not for the good of themselves.

“I’ve learned a lot from our constitution and the Bible. We actually got our constitutional values from Moses in Exodus. The Bible teaches history, morality, and government.”

Mark Roy is aware that not everyone shares the same beliefs as him, but hopes to unite their differences as he leads.

“I’m a hardcore Christian first, conservative next…It’s not my role to judge, but to love just as Christ did. I served alongside every person imaginable…many who believed very different than me. They would have died for me and me for them.” Roy said.

Roy said the divide in society is driven by leaders and media and he thinks he can have a part in amending it.

“That’s something I want to change as a leader. I will stand firm on my principles, but I won’t call people names,” Roy said. “Life is too short, I’ve seen it first hand; God has delivered me from death many times, especially in combat. I have to just let it go. I learned that as I grew up and got a little older.”

Roy seeks to reinstate community, a sort of "lost art." You can find him most Fridays inviting the community out to his backyard for a nice warm fire, s’mores and good conversation.

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