Karma Yoga Finds Support in Local Businesses

The closure of Audacity Brew House in November took more than just a craft beer site and off-the-beaten-path music venue from Denton. The space was, in many ways, a home for Karma Yoga where Sunday morning classes had been held each week for Audacity’s three-year run.

“The gratitude I have for [owner and brewmaster] Doug Smith and the Audacity family for giving us a home base is something I can't even put into words,” Karma Yoga Co-Founder Tiffany Johnson said. “The friendships made there, the experiences we [had] tie dying and crafting, doing yoga to synthesizers or live drumming, [are] a huge part of what Karma Yoga has become.”

Karma Yoga just passed its own three year mark. With enough classes to fit into any schedule, hosted at a variety of Denton businesses and a leadership of dedicated yogis, Karma Yoga strives toward its ultimate goal to provide affordable yoga for the entire community.

Along the group’s three year journey, they have been hosted at several of Denton’s community businesses. Even Denton County Brewing Company, a relatively new addition to Denton, has worked with the organization now hosting the Sunday morning class at 11 a.m.

“Denton County Brewing Company began hosting our Friday classes in the Fall of 2017, and when Audacity shut its doors, Seth Morgan and his team graciously opened theirs [once again],” Johnson said.

Karma Yoga’s Monday evening classes take place on the courthouse lawn for most of the year but a shift in weather during fall and winter causes scheduling difficulty. This winter, Andy’s bar has teamed up with Karma Yoga freeing up space on the venue floor every Monday for about 30 yogis and has brought “over the top” hospitality, according to Johnson.

“I’m sure when the weather improves, they will take their classes back to the courthouse lawn but whenever Karma needs a home due to weather concerns, our venue is open to them,” Andy’s General Manager Blake McDaniel said. “Personally, I think Karma Yoga and Andy’s are a great fit.”

Even though the closing of Audacity was sore for Karma Yoga, Johnson said the organization will push through and continue to do the good work it does.

“As long as we are partnering with local businesses to provide attainable and affordable yoga to the Denton community, we are achieving our goal,” Johnson said. "People [have] this idea that Karma is something that comes back to get you, it's something you can save up, but Karma is itself a continuous circle—one action inspiring another action inspiring another action. We hope that the hard work we put into making these classes available inspires people to find their own way to make a difference in the lives of others.”

Classes with Karma Yoga are a suggested $5 donation, which goes toward sustaining the group, compensating instructors and overhead costs. The organization’s schedule is on the free Mindbody app and details about instructors and the group can be found on the organization’s website karmayogadenton.com.

Header image courtesy of Karma Yoga
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