Preview: Salty Lady Burlesque Brunch

The Salty Lady strikes again this weekend not once, but twice at Andy’s Bar on April 15 with Show Me the Money, Honey: A Fiscally Frisky Burlesque Brunch! 

Show Me the Money is the third installation of burly brunches to come from the Salty Lady team, and the first to feature two opportunities to catch their drunkenly debaucherous, hilarious shows.

“Last show was pretty much sold out, “ said Producer Lilith Grey. “ If we tried to squeeze more folx in than before, it would be uncomfortable. People wouldn’t have room to eat, interact with the performers, or have as much fun.”

Andy’s, though a non-traditional venue for burlesque shows, has been an amazing secondary home to the burlesque community, specifically our favorite weekly variety show, Glitterbomb. So what makes this show different? Why catch a Salty Lady show when I can just wait until this Thursday?

“Glitterbomb is queer specific, a variety show, and showcases all levels and styles of performers, including entry level performers, “ said Grey who is also a co-producer of Glitterbomb. “Salty Lady Burlesque is burlesque specific, not a variety show and is not considered an entry level stage(though the shows occur on the same physical stage, they are held in different regards, so to speak - DL.) “

All entertainers involved are working professionals. The Salty Lady shows are meant to be comedic, including a stand-up comedian as a host and separate stand up segment, topped with an improvisational comedy game, called “Salty Jeopardy.”

Show Me the Money, Honey looks to be another opportunity to shake things up a bit in the local arts and entertainment scene.

VIP tickets are encouraged as they guarantee the best seat in the house, a complimentary mimosa or bloody mary, and opportunities to get up close and personal with the cast (and only touching with consent, y’all.)

Get to know who’ll be giving you the most this Sunday, April 15th, at Andy’s Bar. Tickets available via Facebook.

Entertainer Bios:

Host: Ranch Drescher, When it comes to comedy gold, this knockout is the cream of the crop. Ranch is also Stage Manager of Glitterbomb and a local burlesque performer.

Featured comedians: Nick Fields and Kurt Van Zandt, who will go head to head against each other — and an audience member — in our jeopardy improv game

Burlesque Performers:  Nox Falls from Amarillo, Tx. Nox runs Galatea Burlesque and has been in a myriad of shows across the country.

Birdie Holly is our rising star in the Denton Burlesque scene, performing at a variety of shows all over North Texas.

Olive Avira is an award winning pole performer and aerialist, as well as flexibility and conditioning coach. She is in high demand across DFW,  and we're lucky to have her on our stage. She's famous for her long legs and banging heels.

Stefani Mikyles is a staple in the Dallas scene, blending burlesque and drag in incredibly unique and captivating ways. You can often find her performing and emcee-ing all over Texas.

Header image designed by Mateo Granados