Dating in Denton: Date Ideas for the 940

DISCLAIMER: This is The Dentonite's weekly dating column. These are the thoughts, opinions and experiences of the writer herself and do not reflect the views of the entire staff.

I have a bad habit — I’m sure this is shared amongst us — of skipping the date and going straight to the plow.

Equipped with the honest approaches we’ve learned from last week, you’re ready to ask someone out but need an idea of what to do. So, I’m here to help.

I feel incredibly lucky to live in a town which I can always find something to do because Denton truly is an unlimited source of unique and memorable date ideas. Just last week, I went to Bearded Monk’s open mic comedy night, celebrated a dear friend’s birthday at Oak Street, gulped down a whole french press at Seven Mile, had friend group dinner at Greenhouse, enjoyed a NOLA at West Oak, caught a show at Harvest House, got too sweaty at the Dentonite’s Latin and Hip Hop dance night at Andy’s, hit Bring Your Own Vinyl (BYOV) night at Wine Squared, had a study-date/catch up sesh at the TWU library and bar-hopped between East Side—Harvest—Oak in the bizarre Friday night weather.

That’s only in seven days. It would take me more than my word limit to tell you about all the fun, informative, weird stuff that I’ve gotten up to the last month in and around Denton, on dates or alone or with friends.

Now, it's your turn. Listed below, I’ve got a handful of date ideas you can check out, beyond bar hopping and movie going, that are Denton-centric and affordable. Some ideas are coming up soon, some are weekly events, but all of these are date night ideas that Dentonites like you and I are sure to enjoy.

Coming up soon:

  1. Thin Line Festival. April 18-22nd. Free.

  2. LGBTQ+ Adult Social. April 19th. Free.

  3. Denton Redbud Festival. April 21. Free.

  4. TRASHion Fashion Show. April 21.

  5. Earth Day Clean Up. April 22.

  6. Denton Arts and Jazz Festival. April 27-29th. Free.

  7. Crochet Basics Workshop. April 28th. $10.

  8. Sip and Support: Planned Parenthood. April 30th. Free/donations.

Weekly events:

  1. Karma Yoga Sundays at DCBC. $5.

  2. Paul Slavens and Friends on Mondays at Dan’s. Free.

  3. Tuesday Night Double Feature at Harvest Hous

  4. Sol Kitchen each 1st, 3rd and 5th Wednesday at Harvest House. Free.

  5. BYOV Wednesdays at Wine Squared. Free.

  6. Thursday Twilight Tunes in Downtown Denton. Free.

  7. Tarot on the Square on Thursdays. $10 for three readings.

  8. Live Music Fridays & Saturdays at LSA Burger

There you go. No excuse for the circular conversation of figuring out what to do on your next date, then ultimately ending up coming over to touch each other’s bodies (which you should still totally do, in tandem with supporting local businesses and events).

I’m positive I’ve missed plenty more date ideas in Denton. What do you have for me?

See you next week.

Vix is a sex and dating columnist for The Dentonite. Send her an email: Follow her on Twitter: @VixVickson.

Header image by Mateo Granados