Denton's Burlesque Bolstered by Salty Lady

The two essential Bs: brunch and burlesque. Andy’s will host an event titled Love is a Joke: A Hilariously Heartbreaking Burlesque Brunch on Feb. 11 at 1 p.m. Screw dinner theater — watch theatrical burlesque paired with Andy’s waffles and take on the rest of the day with vivacity fueled by the dynamic duo.  

It's a magical pairing that only Lillith Grey, the mastermind behind projects such as Glitterbomb, the Texas Queerlesque Festival, and Tuesday Tease could bestow upon Denton.

It is one of an array of events which will showcase burlesque talent to the Denton community in an unprecedented way: introducing Salty Lady Burlesque.

"The debut of Salty Lady Burlesque is one for the history books of the creative community in Denton. Our history of burlesque and related performance art is rich, yet has remained underground for many years,” said Denton burlesque performer Danielle Marie Longueville (Marie de Menthe) in a press release. “Now, these performers are heard more, seen more, and are ready to continue to make an impact on the community in a positive way. I look forward to the future of Salty Lady Burlesque and its upcoming ventures."

The inaugural event will feature performances by the burlesque Creole bombshell herself, Honey Cocoa Bordeauxx; drag queen Kylee Fatale; dancer Honey Hula-La; and Denton’s own burlesque baby Birdie Holly. The show will be hosted by stand-up comedian Ranch Drescher.

Although Grey has patched up many artistic holes in the community, this project will highlight talent that hasn’t had much of a platform before. Or, as Grey puts it, “Denton is hungry” for burlesque and cabaret entertainment.

“Our new venture celebrates the rich history of burlesque as an art form, and I look forward to collaborating with local, regional, and international performers as we create new and innovate ways of entertaining our audiences,” Grey said in a press release.

Grey, in a message, said Salty Lady Burlesque will be at Andy's monthly for brunches and each show at Andy's will take on a "up-beat, comedic game show feel." Grey also said the collective hopes to do a full length burlesque play in the fall and a live band rock'n'roll burlesque show sometime in the future. The collective has also been talking to Dan's Silverleaf about hosting a show and they hope to eventually hold a show at Campus Theatre.

For now, here's some upcoming Salty Lady Burlesque events:

Feb. 11: Love is a Joke: A Hilariously Heartbreaking Burlesque Brunch — Show starts at 1 p.m. The show is 18+ and costs range from $15 to $30. Space is limited, so purchase tickets soon.

March 4: Burlesque Brunch at Andy's, theme TBD.

March 24: Siren Song: A Live Music Burlesque Extravaganza at the Black Box Theatre — The evening will feature music from Tulla Moore, Lark Lazuli, and Madasin Bordeaux (from Austin) drawing on cabaret and burlesque to create an elegant aesthetic. Grey said the show will present a story arc and script.

Header image by Emily Cline.

Header design by Christopher Rodgers.