Tuesday Art List - October 11, 2016

We're almost halfway through Inktober in which artists from all over the world challenge themselves by doing a drawing for each day of October. If you'd like to catch up, visit Jake Parker's website for a list of 31 prompts for each day. In this week's list, we feature the psychadelic artwork of Katie Montgomery with a drawing she completed last week for Inktober. Also featured is the photography of Allison Jagers, who continues to use film as the industry moves to digital. Last but not least is Lindsey Greer who is determined to complete her Inktober challenge. If you'd like to be featured in the art list, please email mateo@thedentonite.com

Layers of Sun
Ink drawing by Katie Montgomery

From the series, Going the Distance
By Allison Jagers

Drawings by Lindsey Greer