Horror City: The Best Denton-Made Scary Films

This time of year, plenty of people are going to Netflix to watch as many horror films as humanly possible. This list provides you with thrillers made by Denton filmmakers. These nine films present a variety of horror sub-genres that could be watched in the time it takes one feature-length film. Enjoy!

A contemplative perception in how time is perceived. This film's shot sequence is carefully put together by a director who takes an artistic approach to setting up her images.

Written and directed by: G Race Kim
Script Supervised by: Vanllelyn Garcia
Audio by: Vanllelyn Garcia
Actress: Carol Davis

This film crew spent a weekend in a cabin filming this zombie story with an ending that's reminiscent of the closing to the 80's film Clue.

Directed by Amanda Reyes.
Written by Drew Allen.
Produced by Ashleigh Rudser
Starring Bailey Limmer, Lane Bridges, Will Branch, Arielle Engle, and Jay Saenz.
Cinematography by Wesley Kirk.
Audio by Nick Coker & Stephan Arce-Penedo.
Executive Produced by Bryan Greene

One of the finest horror films to come from the UNT Advanced Film program. The final image of the antagonist is not a comforting image to have in your head before going to sleep.

Written and Directed by Amanda Barajas
Director of Photography: Dariel Hernandez
Produced by Bridgette Mitchell
Edited by Christopher Duncan
Starring Robin Sumlin

I can think of few things scarier than having to take out the trash.

Written and Directed by Drew J. Allen
Cinematography by Caleb Karrenbrock
Edited by Caleb Karrenbrock
Starring: Nate Mathers and Dalton Ibarra

This film doesn't delve into the realm of an alternate reality, but it keeps you on the edge of your seat until the end.

Written and directed by Brian James Fozkos
Produced by Collin Britton
Cinematography by Veronika Mcaninch
Edited by Bradley Lien
Starring Kevin Clark, Brennan Pierce, and Keeley Flynn.

If you think your currently live in a haunted house, this film will totally make you feel better about it.

Director - Caitlin Antkowski
Writers - Caitlin Antkowski, Arielle Engle, Amanda Reyes
Cinematographer - Erin Summerlin
Audio - Arielle Engle
Editors - Caitlin Antkowski, Chelsea Beeson, Erin Summerlin

Starring Amanda Reyes

This is one for those who like psychological thrillers like Black Mirror's TV series.

Producer: Rogan Naples
Writers: Taylor James and Addison Rose
Editor: Taylor James
Director of Photography: Devin Crase
Director: Addison Rose

How terrible can things get when you're too busy to pay attention to things that matter to you most?

Written, Edited, and Directed by Dariel Hernandez (Darielmhdz@gmail.com)
Starring Kate McCay and Matt Munoz
Music by Cris Zabriskie

Exes are the worst.

Produced by Kay Gutierrez
Directed by Brian James Fozkos
Written by Carly May and Tuesday Sellers
Starring Tiffany Stenger and Robin Sumlin

Header image design by Jason Lee