Single Premiere: "Daybreak" by I, the Ghost

One of our favorite things here at The Dentonite is new music. (You may have noticed we can’t get enough of it.) It just so happens that I, the Ghost’s new single “Daybreak” is our newest favorite thing. The band is working on their debut EP, and they were kind enough to let us share a sneak peek with you.

I, the Ghost is currently comprised of Ben Gathright (vocals and guitar), Tyler Blair (guitar), and Michael King (drums.) Although they’re described online as an indie group, their sound—at least on this track—leans in the direction of emo and post-punk. And that works really well, considering Gathright makes some pretty somber lyrical observations throughout: “In the morning light the masks we wear disappear / And we have no one left to impress,” he sings. The song doubts just as much as it pronounces, however; the chorus finds Gathright asking, “Is it satisfaction we crave / Or temporary contentment?” Blair and Gathright affirm the melancholy of the song’s lyrics with their guitars, which are respectively spacey and harsh enough to balance each other out. King’s tom-focused drumming lends an especially contemplative touch to the track and drives the whole thing forward. This is the kind of piece you hope to find on a truly solid EP: good songwriting, tight technique and melody, and something that works by itself and as one part of a whole.

“Daybreak” is certainly not the only thing the band has up their sleeve. I, the Ghost have plans to release their EP—also called Daybreak—on February 21st, and we’re excited. (According to their website, an LP called Pathways is also in the works.) Despite a slight change in lineup, chances are I, the Ghost aren’t going to have much down time in 2017. That’s a good thing. Check out their website to keep track of their shows, news, and announcements.

Header image design by Brittany Keeton