Dorothy's Kitchen Table is Going on Hiatus

There has been no more authentic display of teamwork and collaboration in the Denton community, than the example set by the volunteers behind Dorothy’s Kitchen Table. Having celebrated two years of creating farm-to-table menus, catering for charity events, weddings, art shows, and fostering an environment that celebrates the amazing skills and talents of this town by hosting opera, poetry, art, music, and mindfulness themed dinners. Sustaining themselves off the kindness and generosity of the community, as well as the spoils from their own hard work maintaining and farming a plot of land donated to them by Cardos Farm Project over the Spring and Summer.

The passionate people behind the vision of Dorothy’s are searching for a new way to fulfill their dreams of “exploring wholesome food, community, and the relationship between the love of business and the love of neighbor as we pursue our vision to enjoy true food and share it forever.” Though they are leaving the space, they will continue to work to find ways to unite the community through food and friendship, holding true to their mission and values, and are on the hunt for a different location.

The finale dinners are a great opportunity for you to share your vision, discover ways to collaborate, and celebrate the amazing past two years of hard work and dedication in bringing menus of fresh and locally sourced foods in a pay/contribute/volunteer what you can setting.

The dinners will be on Friday, January 6th, and Friday, January 13th, with the restaurant being open from 5-9pm.

Photo by Emily Cline
Header image design by Brittany Keeton