LSA Celebrates 6 New Murals to Rotate Annually

Did you know that LSA has six new(ish) murals on their rooftop? Earlier this year, LSA owner Sparky Pearson commissioned six local mural artists to complete unique and vibrant pieces that would adorn his downtown business for the next year or so.

In May the artists began turning their sketches into murals. Over the course of the month, six new pieces of art were proudly given a temporary home in Downtown Denton. The Greater Denton Arts Council proudly provided all of the art supplies to create the murals.

Pearson worked directly with local artist Dan Black to organize the mural project. Black gathered the artists and their sketches to present to Pearson, who was on board for whatever Black had to show. Pearson said that Black approached him not long after the murals were complete and suggested this be a yearly project. The two will meet next Spring to decide when the refresh will take place.

Each mural stands 8 feet tall and spans 9.5 feet wide. In addition to having a birds-eye view of the courthouse, the murals add a little something extra to this rooftop space, making it an aesthetically special treat.

Photos courtesy of LSA Burger
Header photo and design by Brittany Keeton