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Whether film school is required or not is up to the aspiring filmmaker who has to figure out their own path to success. Denton is lucky to have a media arts program that draws in film lovers who want to be just like heroes such as Quentin Tarantino, Christopher Nolan, and the Coen Brothers. However, this is a great time to be alive: there are bountiful online resources available for anyone to become self-taught in almost any subject. 

UNT grad student and assistant professor Garrett Graham loves the film program at UNT, but he also knows the importance of online videos that are useful in teaching advanced concepts of visual storytelling. Some might say that any asshole can hold up a camera, but there’s more to operating one than most people realize. 

In the video below, Graham introduces his curation of online film resources that are structured in the form of a video textbook. The playlist (which currently consists of 200 videos) begins with introductory concepts before moving on to more advanced principles. Graham has pulled from a variety of sources such as Filmmaker IQ,, and YouTube Creator Academy. Topics include the science of lenses, how to achieve a cinematic look using a DSLR, and how to plan in the pre-production phase.

One might look at the list and think it means no film school is required to become the next Spike Jonze. That may technically be true, but the biggest values in pursuing the university experience are the social opportunities. Stories can’t be told without real-life experiences, and learning is encouraged when one is around like-minded people sharing the same passions. 

Denton is already home to young adults eager to churn out films, but with educators like Garrett Graham being passionate about spreading knowledge, this scene can grow even more. This playlist isn’t just for filmmakers; it can be used by anyone who makes a hobby of making videos. All those home videos your parents kept from when you were a kid could be spruced up with a little editing know-how. 

Garrett Graham's Film School Videos Vol. 1

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