Art Show Preview: Mind Eye Lost at Bearded Monk

Mind Eye Lost directly describes the art and music showcase to be provided by Wails Worety at Bearded Monk on the evening of Wednesday, May 31st. Worety has come a long way since he left UNT's Art Studio program in Fall of 2012, after which he took a 3 year break from painting while persevering through mental illness. He has since rediscovered his drive, which is perhaps attributed to embracing a multi-faceted lifestyle that inspires creativity.

"This whole show is basically as much of myself I can put out into the world," says Worety. "Skateboard art and hot rod art has played a major influence in what I make, so I made some designs for skateboards and had one printed." In addition to a diverse display of pop-surrealism art, Lofty Beats and Elijah Heaps will be performing DJ sets before Worety performs music from a hip-hop album he's been working on. 

This Bearded Monk happens to be a bar that Worety frequents, where he's done a few guest chalk drawings for their beer menu. In way, He'll feel at home displaying his art in a place where he's developed bonds with other beer lovers.

Worety says, "Certain pieces have an over all emotion or thought I want to come across, but most were just a way for me to relax or put out what's in my head." Pieces such as Personal Assassination obviously express coping mechanisms the artist has picked up while abstract paintings such as Prehistoric Predator Freeza fit into the show's them because it depicts a D&D character the artist identified with even though it was the story's bad guy.

The event begins at 8pm at Bearded Monk on May 31st. Art pieces will be available for sale and the artist will be available for discussion. Stay up to date with Worety's work on Instagram.

Images courtesy of Wails Worety
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