Art Show Preview: Jason Lee's "A Plain View"

Road trips are best enjoyed when remembering to check out the scenery of the surrounding land and towns. On four recent road trips, Jason Lee made the effort of seeing the landscapes he immersed himself in. Lee traveled with expired medium format color negative and positive films and amassed a series of shots that are to be released in a book called A Plain View later this fall. Artspace 111 in Fort Worth offers the first chance to view these photos with an opening reception from 5:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. on Friday, June 2.

An artist statement says: "One of my greatest pleasures is driving and exploring the rural, the outskirts, the small towns, film cameras in the car." Previous photographic road trips had been taken throughout the Southwest, but Lee desired a venture through Texas after establishing residence in north Texas. 

"I’ve done quite a lot of this over the years, mostly exposing 35mm black-and-white films, and mostly in New Mexico, Arizona, and California, and so I wanted to explore Texas, where I’ve been living, and now in color and on bigger film."

A Plain View will be the second hardcover book published by RF Book Co., an expansion of Refueled magazine publisher Chris Brown's company. The division will concentrate on art and photography releases. Brown says, "I'm honored to again be working with Jason, in association with Film Photographic, on this exciting second project. His eclectic eye for detail and unique perspective with this series captured my imagination."

Lee can be followed on Instagram at @jasonlee, @stereoskateboards, and @filmphotographic, an Instagram film community gallery and resource page founded by Lee in 2015.

Artspace 111 is located at 111 West Hampton Rd. in Fort Worth, TX. The exhibit will be housed from June 2-18.

 Header image design by Mateo Granados