Tori Falcon, Culture Editor

Tori Falcon is currently attending the University of North Texas to earn a B.A. in journalism with a minor in sociology. 
Originally hailing from San Antonio, Tori found herself in Denton with a hunger for all things journalistic. With an obsessive love for people, she hopes to dedicate her career to writing and covering the special, dope and awesome things people are continuously doing.

Tori hopes to channel her emo tendencies into deep, thoughtful pieces of work which impact the people she writes for and behalf of. She enjoys writing several articles at once, falling asleep at Dix Coney Island, and thinking about her best friend and fellow editor, Mallory Frenza. On any weekday, you can find Tori at work mentoring students, stressing about deadlines, or wandering around UNT wondering where the day will take her. On weeknights, you can find Tori around town at various bars (not drinking, ofc) where the many political/comedic/social soirees of Denton nightlife take her. She enjoys cardigans, going on errant shopping trips with her roommate and friends (but not buying anything) and making Vine references that no one understands.

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