Lead Sports Writer: Jordan Brown
Contributing Writers: Kayla Henson, Danielle Longueville.
Contributing Photographers: Kyle Biggerstaff, Jennifer Meza, Samuel Gomez.
Fall 2018 Interns Jordan Brown, Kylie Phillips, Jazlyn Mercer, Hannah Mosing, Madeline Trapp, Clarissa Baniecki.





Open Positions:

Are you interested in contributing to The Dentonite? If so, we would love to talk to you. Please send us an email with the subject being the role you are interested in along with a resume and cover letter. All positions are currently unpaid. Students are eligible for school credit via approved internships for any of these roles.

Arts Editor.
Local Government Beat Reporter. If you have a passion for local politics (more importantly, reporting about local politics) and have a somewhat open schedule, this is the perfect role for you. Ideally we'd like this candidate to attend weekly city council meetings and be available to report about other local political goings on. 
Facebook LIVE Contributors. If you have a phone that can go LIVE from Facebook and have a fairly open schedule, we are looking for people who can LIVE stream city council forums, town halls, protests, vigils, other exciting Denton moments.