October Photoshoots: "Trick or Treaters"

10.31.18 - Happy Halloween!
”Trick or Treaters”
Erin Devany
All Hallows Productions

Happy Halloween, Denton! As we close out the month on this spookiest of days, we wanted to leave you with a grand finale on this month’s horror-themed photoshoots. Our resident horror-queen and photograher extraordinaire, Erin Devany of All Hallows Productions, was gracious enough to submit this photoshoot, entitled “Trick or Treaters “, to us, so please - enjoy every deeply unsettling exposure in this short series, and be thankful we didn’t exist “back in the day” when masks as creepy as these were the norm.

Photographer: Erin Devany
Hayle Birlew
Erin Packer
Sarah Agnew
Morgan Blanton
Haley Yates
Sarah Agnew

Graphic design by Tori Falcon.