Photoset: Local Latin Food

Local Latin Food
Boca 31 + Guatelinda Cafe + Orange Market + La Estrella Mini Market + Antojitos - El Rey de la McKinney

As many already know, Denton is quite the DFW foodie destination. With local offerings run by many hometown artisans and creatives, there is no shortage to the options available in the little d. This week, we wanted to dial in our focus on one such regional offering: Latin food. We’ve prepared a photo-essay exploring several of the local Latin faves — everything from the chic creativity at Boca 31, to the homespun tradition of Mexican mercados at Orange Market and La Estrella Mini Market. Food is an expression of cultural identity; a way of preserving heritage; an excuse for families to gather; and a means to reach and stay connected to culture through the generations by passing down stories and recipes, and by creating memories around favorite ingredients and dishes.

Take a deeper look inside these hometown heroes who weave together traditional expressions with modern influences, appreciable by both the locals and the homesick. These are more than just markets or restaurants. They are cultural hubs, shoring up and promoting the vast array of Central and South American culinary and cultural expressions, while also providing key services to those with friends and family abroad. This is by no means an exhaustive guide to the Latinx culinary community in Denton. Rather, it’s just a slice of the pie with plenty more to go around the table — and plenty more to come.

Header image design by Clarissa Baniecki