Photoset: Eastside's Pet of the Month Contest

Pet of the Month Contest
@ Eastside

Last weekend, the — objectively — cutest competition took place on Eastside’s patio: the Pet of the Month Contest. Contestants came out to strut their stuff to the tune of whipped dog treats and a treat-based ballot system while being gracious enough to let their humans tag along for the ride. The event was co-hosted by Denton Animal Support Foundation and 903 Brewing, bringing everyone involved some sweet swag as well as tangible support for our beloved pets. Whether you’re in need of some eye bleach after a rough news cycle, or you’re simply a dog lover like the rest of us, we have the most adorable photoset for you to feast your eyes on. No matter the winner, every one of these puppers and doggos are coming in first place in our hearts.

Header image design by Clarissa Baniecki