Photo Set: Beer and Waffle Extravaganza

Waffle fans and beer lovers rejoiced Thursday, March 22 during the “Beer and Waffle Extravaganza” co-hosted by The Bearded Monk and Andy’s Bar. The event was held at The Bearded Monk with freshly cooked waffles provided by Andy’s Bar.The waffle extravaganza was inspired by the beer of the night, Jam Band Berry Ale from Boulevard Brewing Company, a new beer with a mix of fruits with a tart flavor. 

“Most of our events come from some weird discussion over a beer.” Ben Esely, owner of Bearded Monk said. “We were trying Jam Band and Adam the Boulevard Rep said, 'This is amazing with peanut butter cookies!’ and Tamika, an old bartender from Andy’s said, ‘Or Peanut butter waffles from Andy’s!’ and bam! I made a call.”

Esely and Eric Pulido of Andy’s Bar collaborated with Chef Chad Kelley, Executive Chef of Barley and Board, Andy’s and LSA, to create the menu for the event. The waffles were served with a custom choice of toppings including: peanut butter, jelly, honey and Cap’n Crunch cereal.

“The fun of a beer pairing event is to create a full taste experience,” Esely added. “Pairings can bring together new flavors that completely change an old meal or an old beer into something new. Or a pairing can create an old favorite, like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, in a new and creative way.”

Header design by: Christopher Rodgers