We're Back! Meet the Staff

Hey there, Denton. We missed you. We've got great news, though. We're back! Our team got (a lot) bigger, and we couldn't be more proud to announce our killer lineup. Really though, you're the MVP. The reader, the audience, the Dentonite. We wouldn't be doing this without you, so thanks for reading.


If you want to meet us IRL you should come out to Paschall Bar tomorrow, Tuesday, August 2 from 6pm - 9pm. All of our editors and staff will be there and will be participating in our first weekly Facebook Live video series, The Dentonite Live, at 8pm. Come and talk to us about how you can get involved, or just come and have a tasty cocktail! 

The Dentonite Live will be a weekly series where we will start a conversation with the community by talking to people who are helping shape the culture in Denton. Tune in every Tuesday Night at 8pm on our Facebook. (If you want), click "See First" under the Like button so you are notified when we go Live and for other important Denton related news and updates.

We've been fortunate enough to run across so many folks who want to bring the same message to Dentonite's. In our time off we've met with and brought onboard the teams and expertise behind two Denton based blog sites called Love, Denton and The Denton Volunteer. We are all thrilled to be working together, as one force.

While we are releasing new features, we'd like to point out our Instagram account. This will be a constant stream of goodness brought to you by those Dentonite's who are photographically inclined. More than that, though, we hope to show you Denton through the eyes of different photographers, local businesses, musicians, public figures, and so on.

We now have a regular Calendar feature. By the end of this week we will have the full month of August on the calendar, and going forward you can see your events a month out. This calendar is an inclusive list of all events in Denton, as dictated by the Almighty Facebook. 

In addition too all of that newness, we will be posting new content for you Monday - Friday, multiple times a day. We are bringing back the Monday Mixtape and Weekend Update (in case you don't want to sift through all the events), and are adding a weekly Gallery Report that will highlight all of the current art shows taking place. 

Without further ado, the most amazing team in the entire world:

Bess Whitby, Music Editor

Tiffany Youngblood, Culture Editor


Brittany Keeton, Video Director


Tiffany Johnson, Digital Editor

Mateo Granados, Arts Editor


Jess Hume, Photo Editor


Emily Cline, Senior Photographer


Shaina Sheaff, Co-Founder/ Art Director


In addition to these beautiful people, we have a bunch of help from some fantastic contributors. This list grows everyday, but currently we are working with Aaron Aguilar, Joey Medina, Hayden Zaiser, Makayla Rene Price, Brian Doore, Elaine Ballard, Emily Berger, Francesca Farmer, and Patrick Pickett. 

Before I end this article I've got two things:

1) We all love Denton, hands down, through thick and thin. We are all volunteering our time and expertise to bring a vision we all believe in to life. We want to learn more about Denton, we want to highlight things that other outlets are not covering, and we want to give you the tools to make your day-to-day more successful and enjoyable. We can't wait to show you what we have in store!

2) I suppose I could introduce myself, now..


Sara Button, Co-Founder / Editor in Chief