Heads Up: A Texting Ban Is Coming

Starting June 1, any use of cellphones or similar devices while driving will be banned by a citywide ordinance.

According to the City of Denton website, the ordinance applies to calling, texting, or any other use of a cellphone besides starting or ending a phone call on a hands-free device. Violating the ordinance won’t be considered a moving violation, but will be considered a Class C misdemeanor and could result in an up to $500 fine. Bluetooth, mounted cellphones, and GPS units are considered “hands-free” by the ordinance.

Emergency situations could be considered exceptions to the ordinance, but the City of Denton website strongly suggests finding a safe place to pull over before trying to call for help. The ordinance also makes an exception for emergency vehicle operators and licensed radio operators.

Police will only enforce the ordinance if a driver is using their phone in "plain view," meaning officers won’t take or search cellphones without the owner’s permission or a warrant.

This ordinance will replace a similar 2014 ordinance, which banned everything except phone calls on city roads.


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