Drive-By Shooting in Denton Neighborhood Still Under Investigation

UPDATED at 10:36 a.m.

Shots were fired on the 2000 block of Mistywood Ln around 5:20 p.m. on Sunday, September 23. Multiple neighbors called 911 to report hearing gunshots.

Responding officers confirmed that a firearm had been discharged in the streets with one unoccupied vehicle being struck.

“We still have officers and detectives out on the scene to follow up on leads. We’re trying to find who did it and why,” said Denton Police spokesperson Bryan Cose.

There are no reported injuries.

The shots were fired in the same neighborhood where city councilwoman Deb Armintor lives. She was preparing for Tuesday’s city council meeting when she heard multiple rounds go off.

In a detailed public Facebook post, she recounts the moments after the events.

“I went to look out our big front window but heard nothing more and saw nothing. No screaming, no talking, no movement, just silence,” Armintor wrote in her post.

In a since-updated post, Armintor says a detective spoke to her. They confirmed a gun was fired from a truck driving down the street in the neighborhood. The reason why is still unknown.

According to an article in the Denton Record-Chronicle, Cose said Armintor was not the target of the gunfire. Armintor said she’s just glad nobody was hurt.

“Life is precious. Love each other. Don’t live in fear, and guns suck,” Armintor said.

Police said there is no continuing threat.

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