Alamo Drafthouse Coming to Denton in 2018

Sources confirmed that Alamo Drafthouse is coming to Denton, Texas next year. In 2018, the infamous movie theater with cold beer and hot food will start construction. 

“We are planning on building a location in Denton, but right now we are focusing on our other two cinemas that are being built," a representative of Alamo Drafthouse confirmed to The Dentonite. We will start building in 2018 when we get plans finished and when the two new locations are finished."  

Alamo Drafthouse is a cinema-restaurant concept that originated in Austin, Texas in 1997. Currently, Alamo Drafthouse is building two locations: one in Lake Highland (Dallas) and another in Las Colinas (Irving) that will be open later in 2017.     

“Next year we are going to start building one in Tarrant County, probably in Fort Worth, because we don’t have a location there and we really need one since it’s a long drive from Fort Worth to Dallas,” the representative said,

The closest Alamo Drafthouse to Denton is the Richardson location, and that is still close to a 46-minute drive. Dentonites can go to Movie Tavern, although many argue that going to Alamo Drafthouse would be a better experience.     

“Movie Tavern has upgraded and now have the lounge chairs, but their menu is not as good as Alamo’s. The experience there [Alamo] is also overall better, especially since they will sometimes show older movies.” Kelly Grizaffi, resident of Denton, says.     

Despite having to wait over a year for them to come, Alamo Drafthouse will have a warm welcome when they open their doors in Denton.  

Image courtesy Alamo Draft House website