Whep's New Album is an Absolute Banger

There’s no softness in Whep’s second EP Welp. It immediately launches into a full-throttle attack on the senses without any time spent on building up momentum. Singer Donovan Ford punches through the raw punk sound with a primal release of vocals that blend in with the music rather than simply being shouted over noise.

Like Whep’s first album, Ford’s lyrics continue a theme of nihilism and surveys the meaningless of a mundane life. Rather than bringing down the mood, the lyrics are observant as if to note that the motions of life are a little funny sometimes. In the standout track, “Pets,” Ford sings “Some pets dig in the trash, shit on your bed / They can’t be blamed, I get bored too / No plans with no end in sight!"

Welp closes out with Love 2, which has a reflection on the struggle of fixing oneself to improve on the relationships in their life. But when it comes to making a change for the long run, the weight of existing can make it difficult to realize self-worth.

At 11 minutes and 35 seconds, the five songs on Welp can be listened to several times over while walking to school or while getting psyched up for yet another trip to the grocery store. The album is perfect for those wanting a raw punk sound without any hint of pop-rock.

Header image courtesy of Whep
Header image designed by Kylie Phillips