Video Premiere: "Hall of Fame" by Lou CharLe$

“Hall of Fame” opens with basketball player Corey Allen watching as a game unfolds on TV. Allen stretches as an American flag hangs in the background. He watches the screen intently as LeBron James makes a successful dunk. Just as this happens, the music creeps in, and the sound of an operatic female voice is driven by the swell of equally intense orchestral strings. The video’s focus then shifts, alternating between two scenes. The first one shows Allen entering an outdoor basketball court with a chain-hooped goal as he thoughtfully stares at it, before preparing to make a move. The second scene shows our hero opening up a garage door revealing a room full of weights. As these scenes materialize, Lou CharLe$’ vocal hook comes in, the most prominent lyric being “gotta end up in the hall of fame.” This sets up the premise of the track and the video as Charles begins to rap about “raising stakes” and having a “date with destiny.”

As the video progresses, the scenes begin to alternate between CharLe$ and Allen. While Allen works out in the gym, and plays a solo game on the court, CharLe$’ inspirational and hard-hitting rhymes compliment Allen’s Rocky/Creed-esque montage. Trap-influenced beats complete with hi-hats and snare triplets guide CharLe$’ flow and delivery. During the course of the video it becomes clear that Allen is the star of the narrative, while CharLe$ represents the basketball player’s inner thoughts - perhaps his conscience or inspiration - as the rapper’s wordplay fuels the player’s sense of purpose and drive.

Of course, as Lou CharLe$ is the artist here, it’s apparent that this song is just as much about him as it is about Allen. When taken with just the music at the listener’s disposal, the lyrics speak to CharLe$’ own journey of hard work and drive. Comparing himself to DC Comics’ Green Arrow, he exclaims that he is willing to “take aim like Oliver Queen” and follow his own musical dreams. During the closer, the video circles back to the beginning as Allen looks hopefully at the basketball goal. He takes off with a run, moves towards the basket and jumps into the air as he makes the dunk that LeBron James made at the start of the video, bringing everything full circle before the film fades to black.

Lou CharLe$’ “Hall of Fame” music video was directed by German Torres, and produced by Orange DFW Film Production and Photography. The video was shot in part at Crossfit 940 in Denton. Torres is the Creative Director at Orange and is based in Denton while Charles is based near Fort Worth.

Header image design by Jason Lee