Super Hero/Super Villain Releases Electrifying New Album

Local to the DFW area, Super Hero/Super Villain has dropped a new, nasty, electric, and all around energetic album comprised of 16 tracks titled Approaching The Horizon. The band itself has been playing shows and delivering a mix of metal and pop since 2009. Approaching the Horizon is their second release following their debut album, Operation: Condor. 

The new album immediately makes it clear that this band is about making it loud with the first track, "The Feud Amongst the Mute." The way that the band aligns both guitar, vocals and drums throughout this album adds a drive to their music that makes each song feed the need for excitement.

Off-the-wall guitar riffs are delivered by Ziggy Leija, and yes that includes fierce, solo shredding in each song. The album balances their metallic and pop punk tastes with some track delivering an angry, driving sound meant to get a crowd rocking out, where as other tracks such as "Suzanne" and the humorous "The Bathroom Song" show they're capable of delving into a pop-punk sound.

Approaching the Horizon also exhibits perspectives on different problems in society with an air of wit via vocalist Evan Fee's lyrics. At the forefront of societal consciousness are issues that range from the depends on technology in our daily lives to inane attempts to regulate which restrooms transgender people use.

One track that drops lyrics altogether is a seven and a half minute piano solo titled “White Squail” which exists as a cathartic experience with its unification of passion and anger. From top-to-bottom Approaching the Horizon is full of so much energy and effort being put into the music. The band doesn't let up with any moments of dullness or bland taste into what they are doing as a group, and they create their music with a sense of direction and driving force to excite any listener.

Together, they work very effectively in delivering each song and engaging their audiences.. SH/SV is a band that doesn't hold back. Fans of metal and pop-punk can check out the album on Spotify and Reverb Nation. To keep up-to-date on future shows and releases, follow the band's Facebook page.

Photos by Kennie Monroe Wirth courtesy of Super Hero/Super Villain
Header image courtesy of Super Hero/Super Villain
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