STREAM: Richard Gilbert "Daybreak"

Denton County's power-grid is certainly well-acquainted with pedalboards and amps; amidst the traditional indie instrumentation of the DIY scene, the solo guitar seems like a rare sighting. Richard Gilbert has released a six song EP entitled Daybreak, and its simple acoustic yearning is the antidote for a chilly January atmosphere. 

This release is Gilbert's first time going solo - after demands from his friends and fans to sit down and record with just a guitar and his thoughts, he did. Recorded at Cafe Solo Studios, a Denton company owned by Chris Howell, Daybreak is brimming with knowledge of love and travel. The six songs run the gamut of love-related themes; the first track "To Live This Life Again" should resonate with anyone as Gilbert matches human relationship with the question of life. "Makes me wonder when I die/Will I have all the answers," the lyrics go. The fourth track, "I'll Say Goodbye" insinuates a breakup, but the singer seems less heartbroken than he is silently cognizant of the silver lining: "Maybe this is all our lives ever needed," he sings. Gilbert travels "Home" through the fifth track - and here comes the resignation: in the titular track "Daybreak," Gilbert acknowledges his lost loved one; despite the pain of the breakup, he knows he will be alright.

Gilbert recently celebrated the release of the EP on the second floor of PAAC. Check back for updates on where to purchase or listen to Daybreak.

Header image courtesy of Richard Gilbert
Header image design courtesy of Christopher Rodgers