STREAM: playlists "(basements)"

Warm, hazy, and nostalgic, Playlists’ self-titled EP is a perfect sendoff for another sultry Denton summer. 

Playlists is a band of many hats. The tracks of their most recent EP range from a boisterous caricature of 90s skater punk to a dynamic, Deafcult-like instrumental piece. Overall, though, Playlists seem to favor an intensely raw, dreamlike sound that gives a dual meaning to the term “bedroom pop”. 

Stylistically, Playlists is a “no frills” band. However, the group’s buried, drawly vocal style and use of common, straightforward song structures only add to the sense of hypnagogia that pervades their EP. Tracks such as “Backyard” and “Chorus, Chorus” immediately transport listeners to carefree summer afternoons, sunlight obscuring the world with a dreamy yellow glare.

The band’s approach to songwriting is similarly direct. The EP’s lyrics are simple and ineloquent, only hinting at any deeper meaning. This writing style recalls adolescence: a time when one is full of emotions but, unable to articulate them, instead communicates through implication and subtext. Consequently, there is something deeply nostalgic about many of the tracks on “ Playlists”, no matter how Spartan their lyrics  may appear.

Admittedly, some listeners may be turned off by the EP’s lack of complexity. However, “Playlists” does not need to be complex. Yes, the band leans heavily on punk, surf, and dreampop tropes, but these tropes work. Ultimately, each track on “Playlists” is compelling, whether its purpose be hyping listeners up or calming them down. 

This is definitely a worthy add for your next playlist.

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