STREAM: Mother Tongues "Microwaved Bubblegum"

While Dentonites freezing their asses off in some house or apartment built fifty years ago, there grows a longing for the tranquil warmth of the carefree, vivacious summer days and nights. Local psych-rock titans Mother Tongues have released a dancy little number that is just as effervescent and warm as the title suggests: “Microwaved Bubblegum.”

Their intoxicating blend of psych/surf rock fusion has probably made host of moving feet and left audiences in a euphoric haze on a number of occasions; the same fervor and excitement that grips listeners during these performances holds true to this new track.

Favoring many modern psychedelic rock outfits (King Gizzard, Oh Sees, etc.), “Microwaved Bubblegum” is a powerful and playful break from monotony that is intriguing and wholly satisfactory. It's sometimes poppy, sometimes bombastic, but never lacking energy or drive. The drums keep a constant heavy-hitting rhythm, characterized by the bell work and snare rolls tastefully introduced when needed. The guitars are omnipresent and jangling, with a twang reminiscent of surf rock, while maintaining enough gain to keep the track slightly abrasive. The vocals are bubbly and sharp, keeping listeners on their toes with a reverb drenched delivery. The bass grounds the track in a subtle manner, with tasteful licks gently lifting through the mix. Near the middle, the track features some surfy leads with the unmistakable warble of a wah pedal shining through, leading back into more verses. A climatic, down-tempo jam ends the song in a gorgeous clamor.

The new Mother Tongues track is as animated and high-spirited as can be expected from this group. It's in a word, warm. "Microwaved Bubblegum" was recorded at Dojo Baby Studios by Brack Cantrell.

Header image courtesy of Mother Tongues
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