STREAM: Matthew and the Arrogant Sea "The Glooms Pt. 1"

Matthew and the Arrogant Sea are not only veterans of the DFW music scene, but arguably one of the more recognizable indie bands to come out of Denton proper. Forming in 2001, they have since put out four album releases starting with their 2008 commercial debut Family Family Family Meets The Magic Christian and culminating in the October release of The Glooms Pt.1. 

The namesake of the band is Matthew Gray, lead vocalist and songwriter for the group. The lineup has changed from its original incarnation with new bandmates: Alexander Hughes (drums), Blake Vickrey (bass), Christopher James (keyboard), and Tony Whitlock (lead guitar).  MATAS has a wrinkle in their sound with the inclusion of instruments not typically found in the soundscape of modern rock bands such as the mandolin (also played by Vickrey) and the clarinet (played by Brent Buemi). 

The new album maintains familiarity with the indie-pop feel established in their first release albeit more polished at points with songs like “Broke (for years)” and “Borrowed Smokes”.  However, Lo-fi sound can still be found in songs like “Little Things” and “The Distance Between You and Your Rattlesnake”. The music flourishes with image-inducing storytelling in songs like “Swedish Death Metal Cassette”, “A Cowboy”, and “Dreams Are Nightmares Too." Gray's lyricism is captivating and never prone to dullness.

It's a treat for long-time fans of the band who fell in love the first time they heard "Mock Origami." But Denton is a town that continuously cycles in new fans of indie rock that would find a lot to like in The Glooms Pt. 1.

The Glooms Pt. 1 is available to stream on all platforms.

Header image courtesy of Matthew and the Arrogant Sea
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